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Introducing Streamland! Pittsburgh Public Theater's new initiative brings the magic of live theater into classrooms nationwide by delivering cinema-quality digital versions of The Public’s mainstage productions alongside curriculum-based educational materials at a low cost on a user-friendly platform. Visit streamland.ppt.org to start watching in your classroom today. 

Streamland supplementary curriculum is meticulously designed by experienced educators to align with Pennsylvania and National Core Learning Standards, and includes interviews, behind-the-scenes, history lessons, and more, tailored to the educational possibilities around each Streamland show. These offerings include:

  • Conversations with Playwrights and Directors
    Gain insights into the creative process with exclusive interviews with the brilliant minds behind our productions.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Tours
    Explore the intricacies of set design, costume creation, and the art of bringing a production to life.
  • Dance and Fight Choreography Lessons
    Dive into the world of choreography with engaging lessons that add depth to the viewing experience.

Streamland is available to educators for classroom use only, and charges minimal administrative fees. Individual pricing is available for select schools. To learn more, email edu@ppt.org