PPT Press Conference for Create PAPittsburgh Film Office Director Dawn M. Keezer and Pittsburgh Public Theater Managing Director Shaunda McDill announced on May 31 an exciting new partnership to attract, develop, and retain talent in the film, theater, and entertainment production industries to support the growing entertainment arts environment of Pittsburgh.

To introduce the program, a press conference was held at the Public’s O’Reilly Theater home, attended by PA Lt. Gov. Austin Davis, County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, Sen. Camera Bartolotta (46th District), IATSE Local 489 president Mamie Stein, Felicity Williams, Deputy Chief of Staff to Mayor Ed Gainey, Public Theater Artistic Director Marya Sea Kaminski and other dignitaries and principals in the partnership.

A first-of-its kind initiative partnering theaters and the film industry, the program will attract high quality talent and develop their skills for behind-the-screen and behind-the-stage crew positions, including Grips, Electric, Hair, Wardrobe, Carpentry, Set Decorating, and Accounting. 

CREATE PA: Pittsburgh Film & Theater Works! will be led by Morgan Overton as Workforce Director.

“I am excited to join the Pittsburgh Film Office and the Pittsburgh Public Theater to create opportunities for inclusion in the creative workforce of our area.
There is amazing room for creating equitable pipelines for talented communities across intersections to reach their fullest potential. I’m thrilled to join this effort,” said Morgan Overton.

Morgan OvertonMorgan Overton, the former Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, & Access Manager of Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey’s Office, will fulfill missions critical to the Pittsburgh Public Theater and the Pittsburgh Film Office by coordinating and growing job training partnerships with local unions, community organizations, and media companies. The program will also mentor film and theater students in the region to develop their skills and experience through vibrant internship opportunities. CREATE PA: Film & Theater Works! will be promoted on the Pittsburgh Film Office and Pittsburgh Public Theater social media pages, websites, podcasts, and YouTube channels.


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